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I'm Yuchen Li

I am a full-time research assistant at Southern University of Science and Technology, and I am passionate about the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Procedural Content Generation (PCG), and gamified education. I am currently in the process of applying for my Ph.D. degree to further delve into these exciting research areas.

My research interests in Human-Computer Interaction revolve around creating more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces by leveraging the latest technologies, such as LLM (Language Model) and AI algorithms. I am keen on exploring innovative ways to enhance the user experience by integrating cutting-edge AI techniques into interactive design. This involves understanding how users interact with technology and designing interfaces that adapt to their needs and preferences.

In the realm of Procedural Content Generation, I am intrigued by the potential of algorithms to generate dynamic and personalized content for various applications, such as video games, virtual worlds, and simulations. My research aims to push the boundaries of PCG to create content that is engaging, adaptive, and responsive to user actions.

Gamified education is another area close to my heart. As an avid gamer and game designer, I have a deep appreciation for the educational potential of games. I have played a wide variety of games, not only for entertainment but also as a part of my user experience studies. My research in gamified education involves exploring how game mechanics and principles can be harnessed to make learning more engaging and effective. I believe that games have the power to transform education by making it fun, interactive, and motivating.

In my creative journey, I enjoy utilizing design tools such as Unity and Figma to craft immersive user interfaces and engaging user experiences. I am continually expanding my skill set by learning and experimenting with various other design tools to stay at the forefront of UI/UE design.

Ultimately, my passion for technology, gaming, and design drives my desire to contribute to the ever-evolving field of HCI, PCG, and gamified education. I am excited to embark on a Ph.D. journey to further explore these domains and make a meaningful impact on the future of technology and interactive experiences.

Age : 25
Location : Shenzhen, China
Degree : Master of Arts
Email : yl6394@nyu.edu